Living in the Ditches


Tina and I went to Rise & Shine Women’s Retreat in North Central Iowa this past weekend. If you haven’t been or heard about it and you live in the surrounding areas, we would encourage you to attend.

This is the third year that we have attended. We haven’t been disappointed. We will certainly go again. And every year gets better and better.

Susie Larson was the speaker this year. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Her message was so good…it is still repeating in my mind and heart. I was touched for sure. Something she said caught my attention. ( and no, I can not repeat it word for word but I will tell you what I got and how I remember Smile)

We walk a road in this life. On the side of the road are ditches. On one side is the ditch called “self -aware” ( I don’t measure up.) On the other side is the ditch called “self-righteous” (others don’t measure up.) In order to stay on the road we must walk it as humble sinners saved by grace.  – adapted from Susie Larson

Doesn’t that make you think!?

Ditches along ol’country roads are often beautiful. You look at them and could just drift off into a dream land of simpler times, when working hard for your next meal was a staple. When neighbors helped each other just to make it through tough times.

But spiritual ditches aren’t so pretty. If you drift off into “ I cant do this, I’m not good enough, I don’t have the skill, I feel inadequate, insecure, so and so is better than me, I need attention, I need a pat on the back” well then you will end up in the ditch of self-aware.

This is the place where you drop your eyes in shame that you don’t measure up some how. -adapted from Susie Larson

It is based in the lie that you are not accepted, the lie that you have to be recognized,thanked and given compliments as proof of your worth. But the truth is you are so completely and fully accepted …you just don’t know it. It has been given to you fully, unconditionally by God. It is the delight of the enemy to make you believe the opposite. If he can do that then he can defeat a Great and Mighty in Christ warrior.

The enemy knows your worth more than you do – adapted from Susie Larson

Along the other side is the ditch of self righteousness. This ditch has you thinking you’re something great. You are better than other people. You don’t have to treat people with true dignity because they aren’t worth your time. This ditch looks down on others, lifts self up and pushes others off into the “less then” corner. This ditch creates a false sense of “self” worth. It engenders a make believe world of importance. It believes that applause, thanks and recognition means “I AM SO GOOD!”

If the enemy can get you in this ditch then he is successful at setting Gods face against you because of Pride. – adapted from Susie Larson

Proverbs 29:23
A man’s pride will bring him low, But the humble in spirit will retain honor.

But a humble sinner- sister -saved by grace knows her identity in Christ.

She is




And because of that, she can stand with her head held high or will stoop low to give a drink to the most vilest of sinners, all because she understands from where her worth comes and how great the love of the Father is for us.

~Friendships of Love

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