stretch of love


Did you know that I can talk myself out of what God is asking me to do?

Or I can marinate on my fears until they stop me dead in my tracks?

I  can complain myself into a frenzy! Successfully stopping myself from learning the lesson that I am suppose to be walking through……can anyone say RETAKE!

To be a womb (where love is conceived) for God means there will be stretchmark’s.

Ann Voskamp

God has been talking to me a lot about love and stretching my understanding of what that looks like. Its definitely not running from the lady at church because I feel uncomfortable when she over lavishes me with compliments. Thankful that she likes me yes…but embarrassed Yeah A LOT! It is also not keeping my grievances or even ideas from those who may benefit from them if I would put my fears and anxiety (self-absorption) aside.

Aren’t I suppose to cast all my cares upon the Lord!!?? Don’t I stand on the promise that all things work together for good to those who love God.

While I know these things in knowledge, there are times that I do not stand u

pon them. Making a bit of a liar out of myself. This passage in the picture above reminds me that there are some things that I can do to LOVE:

Fair and Just

Would you agree that being upset and never letting the person know – is not FAIR!? Nor is it JUST to assume that they will never understand? Well I got over the upset….but the issue still concerned me so I brought up the subject in question. Will it change? I don’t know…nor is it my call. But I do feel better because I allowed myself to being honest.

Compassionate and Loyal

Having compassion means that I am not going to be convinced of what I know ( when dealing with relationship stuff) until I talk to the other person. If friendship has already begun in any way, in a relationship then being loyal means I talk to the person and be real. Some people say (to talk to the person not anyone else) I disagree a bit here. Sometimes you need another point of view to see if what you are thinking is off somehow. Maybe you are being too ridged or narrow in your thinking, so council is wise. THIS is not gossip. Gossip : now that is definitely not loyal or compassionate.

Don’t take yourself seriously

Ohhhhhh if many of us ( ME ) could learn this. I am a serious person by nature. Not taking myself seriously requires a lot of unselfishness. Sometimes I think that this seriousness causes me to trip…don’t get me wrong being serious is great for finishing what you start, getting something done, and being mindful. But tooo much seriousness can cause a person to be overly sensitive and touchy when people are just being …well…people. Sometime we just have to learn to let go of some things …if we don’t we will get dragged by whatever we are holding on to.

Take God Seriously

Listen to what He says and DO IT! PERIOD!

We all will be better for it if we do.


Ps: let us allow God to stretch our ideas of what love is….

CHRIST in YOU ……expressed through your flesh to the world.



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