Continued goal….


with God

with yourself

with others

These are the relationships that we must have in life.

This is the goal that we had in mind when we started this blog in 2010.



1. The first Hebrew word is Yada means: “to KNOW in a relational sense.”

The word “Yada” speaks of a deep sense of knowing. Intimate relationships require us to want to know others beyond a surface level, into a deeper, more intimate level. This is listening to others. Being interesting in them. Displaying a want to know who they are and what there life is about.

Ex 33:12, Psalms 139, Matt 12:34,35

“Yada” or “Intimate Knowing”. describes the deep knowing of someone beyond the surface aspects all the way to the heart. It is found in Psalm 139:23, Job 29:4 and Gen 4:1. It is how God knows us – being able to look beyond the surface of our bodies into the innermost thoughts, attitudes and intents of the heart.

All though we are not God we can use what He gave us. EARS – If we want to know then being a good listener is a key to intimacy here. Asking questions and letting other know you are interested in them. Expressing through words and deeds that you want to know them by name, deeper than just an acquaintance, deeper than just the surface.

SOD – Share

2. The second Hebrew word is “Sod.” This word translates as “intimate” it speaks of self-disclosure or making one’s Self known: to reveal, to disclose.

“Sod” describes transparency. This includes vulnerable disclosure and the environment that allows people to take others into their confidence and share themselves in a vulnerable and transparent way. This connection is often found in the sharing of our weaknesses and the way we protect & deal with ourselves and others.

If you want to do “Yada” (to know deeply) that would require another to do “Sod” (share of themselves).

“Sod” or “Vulnerable Disclosure” – is found in Proverbs 3:32 and Job 29:4.and further expanded in 2 Cor. 11:30, 12:9, and Heb. 5:2 This is what is required to allow people to know us deeply. This is being open with another -all our warts and scars and messed up thinking- The benefit is that we begin to see that the way we see is not always the greatest view and we begin to learn anew. We come to understand that we are not alone and not everyone thinks like us.

SAKAN – Serve

3. The Third Hebrew word isSakan” (to be of use or service, benefit, involvement) Read Matt 27:55, Acts 20:34, Rom 12:8, Cor. 7:15, 2 Cor. 9:12, James 2:16, 1 Tim 5:4, Eph. 5:25

If you want to do “Yada” (to know deeply) that requires another to do “Sod” (Share of themselves) and the reason for being that way with another is to be “ Sakan” ( to be of use or service, to benefit, involvement) with one another through sharing, caring, praying for each other and walking together as companions.

“Sakan” or “Caring Involvement”-describes the providing of service to one another and the meeting of others needs and desires. Found in Psalm 139:3. and further described in Duet 15:7, Prov. 12:91, Isa 58:10, Matt 27:55, Acts 20:34, Rom 12:8, Cor. 7:15, 2 Cor. 9:12, James 2:16, 1 Tim 5:4, Eph. 5:25

Many of us want people to know who we are and so we talk about ourselves and those people want the same, so they talk about themselves –but are we really connecting!!!

Without real connection we never get to #3

because when it comes to “sakan” this is where the rubber meets the road. This requires INVOLVEMENT and COMMITMENT. You never get involved if you refused to truly connect and “see” another person. 

Let’s endeavor to be like CHRIST this year….

and meet people where they are – CONNECT- and be of help to them. –BE IN FRIENDSHIPS OF LOVE !

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