How many of us are searching for help in some area?






But how many of us are willing to do the work to receive the help?

Yeah we live in a GIVE IT TO ME NOW society!

We want it yesterday already….but some things take time, endurance, and patience.

Sometimes the thing that takes the most patience is thinking something completely through. We want the quick answer. We want someone to just tell us ….or do we?

Ever have someone just tell you the truth and you don’t appreciate it and find you are in the same place the next year. This has happened to me many times.

I have decided that when I take the time to think it through myself and do the work , I find my answers and I listen…..because I am honoring myself enough to listen within and see the truth of what I am doing to thwart myself.

So I have decided that help is this:

Help – Having Every Layer Processed

This is not some drawn out thing if you are honest. It is simple.

We will always find the answers to what is stopping us if we ask:

WHO — me or another is stopping me…if its another than you have given your power of choice away. YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. If you choose someone else’s voice to listen to…well then you get THEIR CHOICE.

WHAT — is it that you want to do or what is in your way that you need to overcome. Pray about it. God cares for every little detail.

WHEN — is it something that is possible, are you ready, are you mindful of timing??…again Pray About IT!

WHERE — are you in the right place to get to where you want to go.

WHY — what is your motivation to do what it is you are wanting to do. Is it right? moral? kind? good for you? good for others? What it the purpose?

I know this is generic. And you get the point. Only you can answer the questions in your particular situation. MOST OF ALL I just want to encourage you to slow down and think through things. Get some things that have been holding you in a stuck place moving!


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