Heart of a Mother

An excerpt from
Heart of a Mother
by Paula J. Fox
A mother is born in that very moment
a child becomes her own.
And her heart begins to overflow
with a love she has never known.

Her focus changes instantly
as her heart beats for another.
It will never be the same again.
It’s the powerful heart of a mother!

It’s a heart of incredible courage
with strength and endurance too.
She fiercely protects and defends her young
in ways only she can do.

She sacrifices “self” to give
her children what they need,
developing their character
to make sure that they succeed.

Just like a lovely gardener
she plants her seeds of love.
Her heart gives lots of sunshine
like blessings from above.

She provides a firm foundation…
a peaceful, loving home
So her children’s roots run deep and strong
no matter where they roam.

With a heart that nurtures them along
to grow in the right direction
She allows them freedom to blossom and thrive
under her wise protection.

They’re prepared to face the storms of life,
as they learn to stand alone.
She gives them a sense of value and strength
with a confidence of their own.

There’s a special beauty in a Mother’s love
She’s a picture of wisdom and grace
We honor her with gratitude…

No one can take her place!

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