Eliminate Confusion

One of the biggest obstacles to renewing your mind can be confusion. Confusion (disturbance, instability) originates in a person’s fierce desire to promote his own selfish opinion. This inability to distinguish right from wrong comes from ignoring God’s Word.

There are many reasons people experience confusion, but the most prevalent is that they apply their faith to going after the things the world has to offer, pursuing the lusts of their flesh instead of the principles of God. By doing this, they develop a carnal mindset, which cultivates confusion.

Another frequent reason is the loss of ability to distinguish where thoughts are coming from. Many assume three voices speak in their minds: that of Holy Spirit, the devil, and their own. I can clear up that confusion right now: there are only two voices – God’s and the enemy’s. All thoughts originate from one or the other. Which voice you heed at any given moment depends on your belief at that moment.

It easy for us to progress from just “thinking” to committing an actual sin when we can’t distinguish the origin of the thought. But when you really consider it, it becomes obvious which thoughts are God-inspired versus enemy-inspired. When you’re going along just fine in life and then get a random thought: You want drugs, don’t you?, you don’t need to wonder, Why am I thinking about drugs? What’s wrong with me? You don’t need to feel the pressure of discerning why you feel this need. Those thoughts are just the enemy speaking to you. Don’t listen to him. The devil is a liar. The fact is, you don’t want to do that thing; all you want to do is serve God!

When the devil speaks to your mind, don’t reply. Let him get from you the same response he would get from a corpse. You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus; you are dead to sin. You can determine not to be moved by the lie.

Today I want to share with you four things you can do to overcome confusion:

1. Renew Your Mind. Romans 1:28 tells us that when we make the decision to turn away from God, to put Him out of our thoughts, we are given over to a reprobate mind. With this mind, men become vain in their imaginations and their foolish hearts are darkened.

I think about the struggle Paul described in his members in Romans 7:23. He noted that it was as if a war raged in his mind – thoughts stalking him and opposing him with deceitful strategies and lies. The same is true for you. Daily, your mind is stalked by evil. You are actually being studied by the prince of darkness; he’s looking for a way to trick you into believing what he has to say. His plan is to take you captive through thoughts.

It’s a simple remedy to remain pure in thought. We are to renew our minds by cleaning out negative thoughts and feasting on God’s Word. This habit of healthy thinking and speaking the Word in every situation will cause Satan’s strategies against you to be thwarted every time!

2. Deal With The Deeper Stains Of Sin. Ephesians 2: 2-3 says that before we were saved, we lived like the world, giving ourselves to the desires of our flesh and mind. In other words, fleshly desires were no longer just thoughts, but became our habits. Habits can be difficult to deal with. Even after we’re born again, we may still struggle to be permanently free of these deep-seated thoughts. Freedom comes as you make the choice to maintain a holy life.

Even though we are born again, we still have to deal with the flesh. The remedy for eliminating confusion is to continually wash our minds with the water of the Word. We must be diligent about daily “bathing.” Fleshly strongholds that have settled deep in your mind don’t go away just because you want them to. Desire is good, but action is required. You must determine never to allow yourself to be moved away from the Word of God. Stick to that which is written, no matter what.

3. Don’t Listen To Any Voice That Contradicts The Word. Romans 8:6-7 depicts the carnal mind. It is an enemy of God because it never places itself under His rule. It lives according to the natural mind, unwilling to be subject to, and opposing, God’s Word. Its opinions mean more to it than what God says about a situation. It favors what the world has to offer, and thus produces death. “Those who are in the flesh cannot please God.” (verse 8)

If the thoughts in your mind don’t agree with the Word of God, don’t trust them. In fact, you should immediately reject them, because you know those thoughts did not originate from you. You are righteous in Christ, and as we read in Proverbs 12:5, the thoughts of the righteous are only right.

Listening to any voice that speaks contrary to God’s Word is something to avoid like the plague. You can ignore those voices by not trusting what you feel or what’s going on in your mind and by not surrounding yourself with worldly counsel or friends. Simply trust God and His Word.

4. Let The Mind Of Christ Be In You. Philippians 2:5 tells us we should be cultivating the mind of Christ in us. What are His thoughts? He didn’t consider His equality with God as a means to get His own way or for His own advantage. He didn’t make Himself out to be better than anyone else. And He was humble, not using His sonship for personal gain, or as a ticket for a “free ride” in this world.

I find that most people who talk about being children of the King act more like spoiled brats than King’s kids. We are to receive our ambassadorship to be co-laborers together with Jesus, dispensing God’s benefits to others, not to strut around with an attitude, announcing all that their Father is going to give them.

Never let your mindset be to take advantage of the inheritance your Father has so sweetly bestowed upon you. You’re not merely to gather unto yourself what this world has to offer; rather, you are to use what God places in your hands to further His kingdom. To cultivate Christ’s mind in you, focus your affections and desires toward His purpose for your life. Then press toward them!

My friend, I hope this month you do as the Word instructs and develop the habit of taking every thought captive. Purge out the deceiving comments of the enemy and embrace what aligns with Scripture. Then speak what you think. The words of your mouth are actually your thoughts expressed. As you determine to think God’s thoughts continually, determine also to speak them over your life and circumstances. This is the first step toward walking in victory – a conquered, renovated mind, clear of all confusion and focused on things above, not on the things of this earth! I know that as you make this your goal, you will be both blessed and changed into His image.

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