Don’t let perception stop u from being u

Sometimes we think we are too much or not doing things right when someone else disagrees with us. While this may be true if we are in sin….often this is applied to everyday things like if you have someone who drives on to  your property, and this person goes to fast. The way they drive makes you feel nervous about your animals being outside and you just want to say something. But then perhaps your husband thinks its no big deal. The way it comes across is that his perception is

“you are too much or being ridiculous.”  His personality is of the type that does not like to say anything, but for you not saying anything is foreign.  So because of this- you don’t say anything and you worry instead of just saying something to the driver, asking kindly to slow down.

No one is the same …

We all have different ways of doing things.

Rom. 15:22 the faith which you have ( ability to speak out) have as your own conviction ( not what another thinks or has faith enough to do) before God. Happy is he who does not condemn himself ( by doing what another’s way is ) in what he approves.

Parenthesis our thoughts

Remember “we all hear/listen and speak differently” We all are different!!

God gave each of us our way –




Walk in Faith that God created you Uniquely . And step out in Faith.


– Starla & Tina


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