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Who Is St. Patrick?
Today is March 17, St. Patrick’s Day.
Most of us know of St. Patrick’s Day but most don’t know exactly
who St. Patrick was and what he did (other than he was a saint).
Patrick was born in Roman Britain in the early fourth century
into a wealthy family. Yes, Britain was conquered by the Roman
Empire at one point, thus Roman Britain but that’s another
At the age of 16 Patrick was taken captive by Irish raiders and
taken to Ireland as a slave. He was told by God to flee his
captivity to the coast where he would board a ship and return to
Britain. Upon his return to Britain he studied to become a
In 432 God called Patrick back to Ireland though this time he
was a bishop. Patrick was instrumental in introducing
Christianity to Ireland. You can read the full story here:
Born into wealth, taken as a slave, escaping and then told to go
back to help the people who enslaved him is not an easy path.
But his help changed his captor’s world and future.
Someone has hurt you and/or cost you dearly in possessions.
You’ve escaped and yet the seeds of their trespass has produced
bitter fruit in their lives. Perhaps now they need your help.
Sometimes to make that journey back takes a saint.
We can all learn a lot from St. Patrick.
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