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April 30, 2012

Can Gloomy Gus Become Cheerful Charlie?

Can Gloomy Gus Become Cheerful Charlie?
By Michael Josephson of Character Counts (743.5)
Bad stuff happens. People get sick, lose a loved one,
get fired, and make mistakes.
Though these events are facts that become a permanent
part of our history, the quality of our lives is not
determined by the number or nature of our bad
experiences, but how we interpret and react to them.
Most of us have a default position in our response to
painful and disappointing experiences that is either
positive-oriented or negative-oriented.
Pessimists explain adverse events to themselves in
ways that perpetuate negative feelings about the past
and generate fear and anxiety about the future.
Optimists see positive aspects of most situations and
they expect people to be good and things to work out.
The good news is that negative thinking is not a
permanent attribute; it’s just a bad habit.
Here are three strategies to transform Gloomy Gus into
Cheerful Charlie, or at least move Gus from negative to
neutral: diversion, distraction and disputation.
Diversion consists of consciously re-directing your
thoughts every time negative explanations and
predictions emerge: "She hates me, it’s my fault, I
can’t win." Don’t allow yourself to dwell on feelings
of hopelessness or helplessness. Negativity may come
uninvited, but you don’t have to let it stay. Think
about good things, your successes and all you have to
be grateful for.
Distraction involves actions that take your mind off
whatever is making you sad or anxious. Read a book,
play a game, watch a movie, surf the Net. Don’t let
negative thoughts take root.
The most potent strategy, however, is disputation. Put
your pessimism on trial. Aggressively challenge
negative explanations and assumptions. Convince the
jury in your mind that pessimism is a lie and argue
for positive interpretations.
Try it. It really works.
This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character
(c) 2012 Josephson Institute of Ethics; reprinted with
permission. Michael Josephson, one of the nation’s
leading ethicists, is the founder of the Josephson
Institute of Ethics and the premier youth character
education program, CHARACTER COUNTS! For further
information visit

April 30, 2012

We Are What We Think

We Are What We Think
By Michael Josephson of Character Counts (746.4)

In the early 1900s, a little-known philosopher named
James Allen wrote a powerful essay called "As a Man
Thinketh" in which he argued that we are what we
think, that a person’s character is the sum of his
thoughts. He declared that the power to control our
thoughts (whether we use that power or not) is the
ability to mold our character and shape our destiny.
This is a profound insight, making us personally
responsible not only for our conduct but for our
He wrote, "As a plant springs from the seed, our
actions, character, and even our circumstances spring
from our thoughts." As long as we believe we’re the
creatures of outside conditions, we will fail to
become the rightful masters of our lives. But if we do
the hard work of reflecting continually to identify and
modify negative beliefs and attitudes, we’ll be
astonished at the rapid transformation it will produce
in our lives.
Our thoughts and actions can be either jailors of
negativity, imprisoning us in degrading circumstances,
or angels of freedom, liberating us to achieve our
noble potential.
The relationship between attitudes and circumstances
is now well recognized, captured in aphorisms like
"Change your attitudes and you change your life," and
"It’s not your aptitude but your attitude that
determines your altitude." But it’s Allen’s connection
between thoughts and character that is especially
interesting. Yes, our destiny is determined by our
character, but our character is not determined by
We can’t always control when bad thoughts and negative
impulses enter our minds, but we can decide either to
nurture or to reject them.
This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character
(c) 2012 Josephson Institute of Ethics; reprinted with
permission. Michael Josephson, one of the nation’s
leading ethicists, is the founder of the Josephson
Institute of Ethics and the premier youth character
education program, CHARACTER COUNTS! For further
information visit

April 29, 2012



I read this a few weeks ago & have came back to it over & over.  I felt the urge to share it because we all need encouragement & direction.  This read has both.  May you be blessed by it just as I was & still am. 


You are NOT worthless, you are VALUABLE
We all have had days when we feel defeated, when we feel lost, out of place on this earth, unwanted, unaccepted, unappreciated and so forth. Trials and tribulations exist; as long you’re on this earth you will face them. However, the focus today isn’t on the trials and tribulations, it’s on the emotional battle we face.
Feeling unwanted, unappreciated, like a failure etc. aren’t necessarily trials but emotional battles. Feeling defeated mainly derived from failure and failing comes with a group of bad emotions. For instance, when a relationship fails one of the partners usually feel unwanted, unappreciated, used etc. Another example when you fail to achieve a goal of yours, you feel worthless, ready to give up and so on. Those are emotions and often we let those emotions govern us instead of governing them.
I’ve seen many who failed once or twice at a few things and since then they become consumed by those negative emotions and remain stuck in life. Feeling defeated often lead to one becoming depress and suicidal. It is vital to understand your worth as a person and be the master over your emotions.
Here is the truth about you…
God created you for a purpose, you are important to this earth. You were birthed with a call and throughout the journey of life you will find that call and answer it. (However to find your call you must find your creator) You are as important as anyone on this earth. No one is greater than you in the eyes of GOD. They can be more beautiful/handsome, smarter in certain areas, appreciated by more people etc. no matter how bad the comparison is in your eyes it doesn’t matter what matters is how GOD sees you. And he sees his beautiful creation who he loves dearly; all he cares about is whether you follow his will or not. You are appreciated, loved, wanted, trusted etc. you will be successful, you are someone of value. You have to start believing all the positive things about you that aren’t so apparent, stop putting your flaws under a microscope.
Change what you believe about yourself and you’ll see your reality change. Stop believing you’re not good enough, smart enough, talented enough… stop letting these negative emotions and fear run you. Start believing in yourself and start seeing things in a more positive light. You’re alive for a purpose; don’t leave this earth without fulfilling that purpose.

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April 28, 2012

He Knows & Understands Us



Hebrews 2:18

New International Version (NIV)

18 Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.

It is so hard for me to imagine Jesus suffering when He was tempted.  He is so perfect…  Sounds like such a foreign concept & yet at the same time such a connection I feel when I read that verse.

What we grow through we can help people go through & vice versa! = )

April 28, 2012



Why hadn’t I seen that the price of being safe — is the cost of being solitary? Why hadn’t I seen that distrust can destroy a life? ~ Ann Voskamp

Friendship is a laying bare open kind of thing unless you of course are like most of us women out here who hold the everyday kind of friend at arms length. Fears, mistrust, old thinking messages from days long gone still play, and sourness is sunk in deep.
I have wondered for many years why I liked to be so solitary within my own spirit and soul. I often thought of myself as a person who was open and willing to be vulnerable. I was a bit blind because I found out that while I may have spoke the truth of what I felt or knew within, I held my arms in a great stretch between me and another.
I was in a protective mode. Childhood and teenage dagger wounds in my heart were to fresh for me to move on. I wasn’t willing to be hurt….even though I was as touchy as a porcupine. Hurting me was as easy as a heart beating. It just happened. I was a long been wounded soul looking for love with spikes on.
But being alone and being unknown was too much for me and I would guess it is also to much for you.

So what do you do? YOU REACH OUT.

Not to many and any but to one in particular. One you have a draw to. One God given friend. That is what happened to me. It is through this friendship that I have learned much about myself and her. It has been a friendship of depth. A friendship of asking – what, when, where, and why –the hard questions. Lots of people don’t like this kind of heart digging…and I didn’t until I started to feel the pleasure of realness. The shiny polish of shallow acquaintance – arms length friendship – wore off and I yearned for deep fellowship. Its not easy ….it requires a love of the truth and grace for another and yourself. We are a people of hiding. Like Adam and Eve in the garden with the fig leaves. We do the same thing. We hide and dodge, throw up our defenses, blaming, and accusations. All of which I did and still do as I am working through the layers of my inner mind and heart.
None of this is even possible without Christ and the Holy Spirit’s guidance. His sacrifice has secured us the position and standing of righteousness. So through that we can walk this truthful, real and open relationship out.  The Holy Spirit brings the understand through revelation, and for us these revelations have often come as we bare our scars and reveal our shadowy sides to each other.


Who can bear living the whole of their lives and never learn what it means to really be a friend?
~Ann Voskamp

Jesus calls us HIS FRIENDS. With Jesus I can tell Him anything and He loves me still. He knows my darkness, hurts, fears and dreams. He doesn’t use them against me, he uses them to heal me.  He encourages me, as I am, in His presence. He counsels me in His ways. He teaches me about myself and more importantly about how to be more like Him and I believe that the more we are like Jesus the more we will be this kind of Friend.


Originally written by ME Sept. 29, 2011 :

April 27, 2012

On the Lighter Side

I love the story about the first grader who stood in
front of his classroom to make a speech about "What I
want to be when I grow up." He said, "I’m going to be
a lion tamer and have lots of fierce lions. I’ll just
walk into the cage and they will roar."
He paused for a moment, thinking about what he had
just said and then added, "But of course, I’ll have my
mommy with me."
— Author Unknown

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