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April 17, 2012




The video at that link was done by CNN about Brene Brown and her research about Vulnerability.  I recently got her blog emailed to me called : Walking the tightrope: thoughts on vulnerability and hurt  – and she talks about the posting of this video has been less than “ a pleasant experience.”

Talking about vulnerability and being vulnerable isn’t always easy and at times can be quite hurtful.  BUT IT IS WORTH IT?

Brene in the blog was taken back by the cruel and unkind words about her in the comments of the video…they were to be removed.

Watch Brene on TED TV was amazing. She is the reason we decided to do a month thinking about Vulnerability.

It has been eye opening for us.

NONE of us are BULLET PROOF as much as we would like to be.  Wishing to be bulletproof  had for years caused me to want to repress my feelings when I am hurt, pretending that I am untouchable.   It made me want to detach and move on, leaving my feelings behind. ( who needs those anyway when thinking is far more easier to deal with)  But I have found doing this puts me in a kind of round the mountain cycle, where I long to be free to be me but choosing not too enslaves me and sacrifices the real me for the imaginary bulletproof me.

We all hide in some way or another… not saying what we really think, not saying anything just so we can skip the possible rejection, choosing not to share our hearts, living detached, disconnected and lonely.

We have been hiding since the time of Eden when the great disconnection happened – SIN! Christ came to break us out of that bondage and set us free.

Is it time to break out? I think so!

While vulnerability can really bite is worth it to just be the YOU God created you to be!



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BTW – Happy Birthday Shanda!

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