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April 24, 2012




“It’s so sad how we can go through life hating people, thinking that they are so different from us. It is only when we see them at their weakest point, seeing their vulnerability, that we start to realize how similar we all actually are to one another.”


I wanted to share this a brief excerpt from one of the best books on teamwork—Pulling Together by John Murphy. In it, John takes a complex topic and presents it in ten rules that anyone can understand:

1. Put the Team First
2. Communicate Openly and Candidly
3. Be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem
4. Respect Diversity
5. Ask and Encourage the Right Questions
6. Use a Rational Problem-Solving Process
7. Build Trust with Integrity and Example
8. Commit to Excellence
9. Promote Interdependent Thinking
10. Pull the Weeds

Very insightful read.  Seems to me team work is key.

Being honest, vulnerable, committed, willing to take a chance  communicating & connecting with others  is the answer to many of life’s daily situations or circumstances that come up.

The hard part for me is not taking on the responsibility for how another reacts.  That kind of co-dependency is very self defeating.  I know it well & struggle with it when I see that someone is not happy or even just knowing they will not be happy makes me want to clam up.  But this year Starla & I are taking it a level deeper with holding each other accountable & responsible to maintain healthy relationship just as Christ would want us to.  All the while remembering that people don’t always care about what one knows but they will remember what we make them feel.  Living right makes more of a difference than words sometimes.  Both are needed in balance for sure.

The Fruits of the Spirit are great balance maintainers to remember during the life struggles that we must endure.

Love: The high esteem which God has for His human children and the high regard which they, in turn, should have for Him and other people

Joy: The happy state that results from knowing and serving God

Peace: The presence and experience of right relationships

Longsuffering: Forbearance under ill-will, with no thought of retaliation

Kindness: The steadfast love that maintains relationships through gracious aid in times of need

Goodness: Kindness in actual manifestation, virtue equipped for action, a bountiful propensity both to will and to do what is good, intrinsic goodness producing a generosity and a Godlike state or being

Faithfulness: Dependability, loyalty and stability

Gentleness: A disposition that is even-tempered, tranquil, balanced in spirit, unpretentious and that has passions under control

Self-control: Calls for a self-disciplined life following Christ’s example of being in the world but not of the world

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.” (Galatians 5:22)

Have a Blessed Day!

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