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April 29, 2012



I read this a few weeks ago & have came back to it over & over.  I felt the urge to share it because we all need encouragement & direction.  This read has both.  May you be blessed by it just as I was & still am. 


You are NOT worthless, you are VALUABLE
We all have had days when we feel defeated, when we feel lost, out of place on this earth, unwanted, unaccepted, unappreciated and so forth. Trials and tribulations exist; as long you’re on this earth you will face them. However, the focus today isn’t on the trials and tribulations, it’s on the emotional battle we face.
Feeling unwanted, unappreciated, like a failure etc. aren’t necessarily trials but emotional battles. Feeling defeated mainly derived from failure and failing comes with a group of bad emotions. For instance, when a relationship fails one of the partners usually feel unwanted, unappreciated, used etc. Another example when you fail to achieve a goal of yours, you feel worthless, ready to give up and so on. Those are emotions and often we let those emotions govern us instead of governing them.
I’ve seen many who failed once or twice at a few things and since then they become consumed by those negative emotions and remain stuck in life. Feeling defeated often lead to one becoming depress and suicidal. It is vital to understand your worth as a person and be the master over your emotions.
Here is the truth about you…
God created you for a purpose, you are important to this earth. You were birthed with a call and throughout the journey of life you will find that call and answer it. (However to find your call you must find your creator) You are as important as anyone on this earth. No one is greater than you in the eyes of GOD. They can be more beautiful/handsome, smarter in certain areas, appreciated by more people etc. no matter how bad the comparison is in your eyes it doesn’t matter what matters is how GOD sees you. And he sees his beautiful creation who he loves dearly; all he cares about is whether you follow his will or not. You are appreciated, loved, wanted, trusted etc. you will be successful, you are someone of value. You have to start believing all the positive things about you that aren’t so apparent, stop putting your flaws under a microscope.
Change what you believe about yourself and you’ll see your reality change. Stop believing you’re not good enough, smart enough, talented enough… stop letting these negative emotions and fear run you. Start believing in yourself and start seeing things in a more positive light. You’re alive for a purpose; don’t leave this earth without fulfilling that purpose.

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