Friday (fun) Facts

Pictures I like-002



1. Something on my mind:

I was looking at some old pictures of when she was younger. I was amazed. The side by side -such similarities.

Pictures I like8

2.  Something weird:

As if the fact that these two kids look a lot alike apparently they both get mysterious hives too. Sarah has had them for years. Bump her, scratch her and bam the girl gets hives. Now David has them…so strange. Took him to the doc for a weird rash that moved around over night. Doc says “ He has hives” so weird. I heard that a vitamin deficiency may be the cause.


3. Picture of the week:


Father and Son planting green beans


4. Something I am WE are doing:

Tina is heading out

to go see her sister!! :0)


So I am going to go to her house and take care of her Animal family… 2 Great Danes, 1 Terrier, 2 cats, 1 stray kitty, and a duck! There are goats too.:0) yes she does live on a farm.


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5. A PhotoQuote:

Pinned Image



6.  Ever been MISUNDERSTOOD:

Come see what God revealed to me this week


7. Trippin out!!

Ok so 2 and a half weeks and my daughter is no longer an 8th grader. She will graduate from her safe little private Christian school and will move into the local High school.  Time flies and when it happens to you. It really is AMAZING!!

IMG_20120503_120424 (2)


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8. A quote:

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”
Winston S. Churchill


9. OH MAN!! :

My husband set a trap for a critter that has been burrowing under the garage…. this morning dear husband saw that he will have to deal with a SKUNK when he gets home. :0/


10.  WOW:

this is all of personal stuff this Friday ..Hmmm..maybe you all have been thinking you would like to “know” who we are?? :0)



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9 Comments to “Friday (fun) Facts”

  1. My daughter graduates at the end of the month too… I’m not sure I’m totally ready for high school but she seems to be 😉

  2. Proof genetics is not a joke right?

  3. Time just marches relentlessly on – – – all my “kids” are adults (at least age-wise wink,wink) now.

  4. Time really goes by so quickly! She’ll do fine! The skunk? Oh, dear!

  5. What a pretty girl! Congratulations!

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