Friday (Fun) Facts

Pictures I like-002



1.  A Song:


2.  A Quote:

Courage is resistance to fear,

mastery of fear – not absence

of fear.”

Mark Twain


3.  A photo quote:



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4. Picture of the week:


A beauty in the middle of the yard!


5. Something Funny and Cute:

thats just funny! gboikster


6. Something Going On:

Daughter is Running on Saturday in Lace up for Learning 5K  — awesome!

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7. A Great Quote:

Love is being a mirror for our children. It is showing them they are valuable, and irreplaceable, and beautiful, when they can’t see it for themselves.

Emily Theresa Wierenga @ Imperfect Prose 


8.  Just because the Avengers Movie came out:

Pictures I like9

LOL – He loves Super Hero’s!!


9.  Ok so this week I will show how she has grown:

IMG_20120503_142625 (2)

10. What else … hmmm OH a good book I am reading:


Heaven is now



2 Comments to “Friday (Fun) Facts”

  1. Love the courage quote from MT – – – when I tell the story of Gideon I always point out that he was SCARED (shown by the fact that he tore down the altar to Baal AT NIGHT when no one would see him) but he OBEYED anyway – – – and THAT was courage.

    The photo of the baby with the teeth pacifier isn’t cute – – – it’s SCARY. Hehehehehe

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