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June 13, 2012

Truth Quote # 8


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June 13, 2012

Want Strength buy this book

The Elephant in the Room book cover

The elephant in the room is a common idiom defined as, “avoiding an obvious truth.” That Elephant is Ethics. Learn the extent to which we, as a society, have morally regressed and what each of us can do to examine ourselves, change the course of our lives, and reclaim the nation in which we live.

Section 1
  1. A Tower of Strength
  2. Honor Bound
  3. Set in Your Ways
  4. Facing Your Giants
  5. You Reap What You Sow
  6. There Is No Escape
  7. Standing The Test Of Time
  8. Don’t Bend The Truth
Section 2
  1. Pillar 1: Keep Your Cool
  2. Pillar 2: Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You
  3. Pillar 3: On The Level
  4. Pillar 4: Find It In Your Heart
  5. Pillar 5: Draw Your Attention
  6. Pillar 6: Don’t Put Foot In Mouth
  7. Pillar 7: Bringing It Home

I can see several of those that are screaming READ ME!! How about you?

-Friendships of Love

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