Friday Fun Facts Fav’s

Pictures I like-002





15 years ago today I meet

my Tree Man Husband :0)



2. A video :

3. A quote:

A-BOM (b) I (all about me) NATION

Stop exploding your inner garbage all over everyone else! Deal with it by loving instead!

– me

Come see where this quote is from….

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4. ok really I am just running behind this week:

so here’s the run down …hope youSmile with tongue out don’t mind


5. House :

I was still cleaning out  a closet this week, I finally got the one at the top of the stairs, I got a lot out,much condensed , now husband can get to the panel to fix the sink on the other side of the wall!!!

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6. My Son :

His room got a mini make over , his Grandma make him blue curtains.



7. Photo I like:

Husband mother baked pies at my house….YUMMY!!


8.  Too Funny:

So true!

This just looks like something my son would try!! LOL

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9 . I am almost there…I promise I will do better next week


10. A song that Tina liked this week:

One Comment to “Friday Fun Facts Fav’s”

  1. Always putting a smile on my face! Love you!

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