Sign of Strength


Not so sure about this one but every time I read a quote that sounds something like this I often wonder… maybe there is just a fine line here??…hmmm  It is a great thing when we can be honest, open & willing to share our true heart. This quote rings truth to my soul.   Then there can be the damaging side of being over done with our sensitivities when it damages other people, along with ourselves. I hope to always be sensitive to that as well.

This is a challenge that I have given myself this year.  My hope is to be more authentic/very real with myself as well as others. I am usually experiencing fear for the most part when I step out & do this.  But I have been pushing through it & doing it afraid = ) & thinking Oh, God help me!

Just sharing a thought.  Living & growing that is for sure = )  My hope is that I never stop even when I may be wrong.

God help me to grow through my challenges, don’t allow me  just to go through them without learning the lesson.



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