Friday Fav’s

Pictures I like20



1. A PhotoQuote:

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2.  A Song:


Linking with:

friday favorite things | finding joy


3.  A Game:

to better resilience, healing through trauma or illness or just to get healthy


4. I like this:

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Mommy's Idea


5.  No more PAM:

Stop buying cooking spray…




6. Quote:

Life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend.”
Sarah Dessen


7. Tina Pinterest Pin:

So true & sometime hard to understand...



8. Bible verse:

1 Corinthians 8:1

….Knowledge puffs up,

but Love edifies



Linking with:

miscellany monday at lowercase letters


9. A thought :

Isn’t shampoo just so much better in a pump bottle? ….yeah I think so too!! Winking smile


10. Missing Someone:

Our two teens ( cousins ) are at Bible camp this week …they will be home Saturday !!

Thumbs upOpen-mouthed smileRed heartYEAH !!!



One Comment to “Friday Fav’s”

  1. #7 Wow. So true. Beautiful quotes, too. Thanks.

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