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July 31, 2012

About Voting

I Wonder How Jesus Would Vote.

Think carefully about whom you choose to represent you and America. CHOOSE WISELY and elect a man or woman whose beliefs and life exemplifies what you believe
and what America stands for:

* Choose life or abortion.

* Speak the truth or speak lies.

* Seek, follow, and worship God or a man only.

* Be a servant or a self-serving person.

* Be a wise steward of your money and talents or be wasteful re: finances and get into more debt.

* Choose wise counsel or choose foolish persons.

* Be a uniter or a divider of people.

* Be kind or spread hate.

* Seek best for America or seek best for oneself.

* Proven character or one who must tell you what his or her character is.

* Christian or anti-Christian.

Your "ONE VOTE does count." Be sure to exercise your God-given right and responsibility.
— Submitted by Eve Smith

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