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August 4, 2012

Negative Emotions

Below is part of the devotion I read from a plan with Youversion called Holy Emotions.  It is a 30 plan & I recommended it highly!  I found it very helpful as I went through some ups & downs lately.  May it be just as helpful for you too!  The link is below if u are interested in the full read.

One of the most obvious ways that Satan tries to deny Christians their ability to live an abundant life is by trying to convince them that they are entitled to negative emotions. The devil is thrilled when you agree with him that you are indeed entitled to worry, exhibit forgiveness or show outrageous anger and then he rubs his nasty little hands together with glee when he tricks you into blatantly throwing a hissy fit of human ugliness. God does not want you to agree with the devil: He wants you to be like Him. God loves you enough to discipline you until you concede that neither you nor the devil has a better idea than God!

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