Friday Facts

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1. Something funny:

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2. PhotoQuote:


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3. A Song:


4. Another Quote:

Sometimes Falling Flat On Your Face


5. GOOD ..SO GOOD!!:



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Mommy's Idea


6. Blinds :

Ok so for a really long time now I’ve had sheets …yes I said sheets ..over my windows in my bedroom. Mother in Law staying with us… put up blinds!!! :0) YEAH!!






8. Eczema:

DO you know anyone who has it ??

If so … Apple Cider Vinegar organic after a shower and a little hydrocortisone …works wonders!!!


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9.  PhotoQuote:




10.  Does anyone know:

How to draw conversation on a facebook page??? We have 52 people who like our page but not many say a word…most just LIKE the posts!!! Any IDEAS???

One Comment to “Friday Facts”

  1. I’ve heard of and even seen some trees that “grew around” things before. It always looks bazaar, no?

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