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October 4, 2012

Which one are YOU? DISC Personality Profile

I have read this book on the DISC personality types.  It is very insightful and helpful in understanding yourself and others.  Very quick read.  Below gives you an idea of what they are.  This really helped me to learn how to get along with those people that are so different than myself that drove me crazy!  Now I got tools to work with that are so HELPFUL.  Happy me & them to!  = )


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The Door Stop

There was a man who was attracted to a certain rock in a small stream. He brought it home and decided to use it for a doorstop. Several years later a geologist visited his house and noticed the rock. He later determined it was actually solid gold. In fact, it was the largest piece of gold ever found east of the Mississippi River.

I can only imagine how much different this man viewed his "rock" after he discovered it’s true value. I doubt he continued to use it as a doorstop! This made me think of how we might perceive others as "just this or that" because they are "different" from us or have "different" thoughts and ideas. Do we ever judge a person based on those differences and view them as a lesser person than they are? Maybe we should see each person for the true gem they are! Remember to value other personalities for their great strengths!

"D" types are great leaders and will get the job done!

"I" types are great at persuading and motivating others!

"S" types are great at team building and supporting others!

"C" types are great at sifting through the details and producing a quality product!

Every personality type contains many treasures! We just have to open our eyes sometimes to see them!

Another perspective on this story – are you letting people treat YOU like the doorstop? Do you not see your own value? There are absolutely wonderful treasures in you and you need to be confident in your value! Don’t let others look down on you or treat you as a lesser person. You are valuable!


Get Your Name In The Hat!

This month I am giving away my book – Mastering The Art of Success to one lucky winner! Just email me with the word "Success" in the subject line to be entered in the drawing! The winner will be chosen on October 19th!

Want a free video reading of one of my Four Pals books to share with your kids? Just send me an email and let me know. I’ll get the link to you right away! It’s a great way to share the Four Pals with your kids!

Even if we are not in the best financial situation – there are things we can give to others that are absolutely free! A smile can change someone’s day, a kind word or a note of encouragement can positively affect others in unbelievable ways! Be kind to someone today! It’s free!

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October 4, 2012


In my world, there would be no sexual slave trade, because there would be no customers.

In my world, there would be no promising politicians, because people would be too informed and intelligent to believe them.

In my world, there would be no illegal drug use or trafficking, because people would be high on life.

In my world, there would be no racism, because people would appreciate and celebrate diversity, rather than fearing it.

In my world, there would be no factory farms, because people would be informed and conscientious consumers, and, wherever possible, would be vegetarian.

In my world, people wouldn’t blow themselves up in the hopes of blowing other people up in the name of religion, because “the earth [would] be full of the knowledge of the LORD” (Isaiah 11:9). That is, they would know who He truly was, and would know that such a thing could never, ever be pleasing to Him.

In my world, there wouldn’t be any guns, missiles, or bombs, because there would be no use for them.

In my world, death would be out of business.

In my world, women wouldn’t be second class citizens.

In my world, people and the planet would matter more than profits.

In my world, sports wouldn’t be ruined by drugs and money.

In my world, fathers would be fathers, and not just sperm donors.

In my world, people would rather serve than be served.

In my world, love and joy would be more than romantic ideals, they would be constant and practical realities.

In my world, death would be out of business.

In my world, Jesus Christ would be King.


David Asscherick

–  yeah in my world too…except for that vegetarian thing! lol

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