Sandy Our Hope Is Strong

Sandy Our Hope Is Strong
You came in a force of power,
Waves high upon the land.
Many states went into darkness,
Broadway neon is no more.
Subway under water,
Streets and cars float away.
Homes are a pile of rubble,
But Sandy, our hope is strong.
Boardwalk a pile of wood,
Rock-a-by and no one sleeps.
New Jersey shore awash in mud,
Flooding everywhere abounds.
Landscape looks like Armageddon
A wasteland of memories lost.
Neighborhoods lost to fire and water,
Sandy look what you have done!
But, God has sent us saving angels,
Red Cross, Fire and Police have come.
EMT’s have saved the babies,
Blankets for the cold and lost.
Pets are saved and little children,
People work together as one.
You may have destroyed what we owned,
But Sandy, our hope is strong.
People everywhere work together,
To help the helpless and rebuild.
Money is raised and awareness,
Food and water is divinely sent.
People may have lost possessions,
Homes and businesses are ruined.
Yet, home is in the heart not bricks,
And Sandy, our hope is strong.

~A MountainWings Original by Dixie Scott~

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