Encouraging Truths from a Man diagnosed with cancer.

The Optimism Revolution

November 4

another reflection…
I’ll never forget the day I was diagnosed with cancer. And that night–after the shock was wearing off, and the tears stopped flowing–I was left with the question "If I die, what will my legacy be? What have I done to improve the world around me?"
With those words, I made the decision that WHEN, not if, I got through things, I’d put myself out there and try and make a difference.
And putting ourselves out there by taking risks, and for others to judge and scrutinize, can be frightening. But when you have a purpose that is bigger than yourself, I think you’re willing to chance it. I’m sure I’ve made an ass of myself numerous times; but you know what? I honestly don’t care about that.
You and me–WE–together are shaping our world by the choices we make everyday. So let’s not choose indifference, bitterness, and negativity. Instead, let’s choose love, hope, happiness, and kindness.
I’m not afraid,


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