CONFRONTATION does not need to be negative.

Many people shy away from CONFRONTATION because of the risk of rejection or are afraid of feelings being hurt.
Many misunderstandings can be cleared up by effective communication.

When allowed to fester, unresolved issues become magnified.

Contentious Opponents Now Face Real Opposition Negating Their Ability To Interact On Nobility.

There is no need to walk on eggshells. Rather than allowing yourself to FOCUS on the negative side of CONFRONTATION, direct your conversation away from failings and away from all personal attacks.

Instead, INTENTIONALLY FOCUS only on a POSITIVE outcome and what needs to be done to IMPROVE the situation. Do whatever is necessary to arrive at HARMONY.
Diffusing anger and resentment is one of the BENEFITS of timely conflict RESOLUTION. If you’re communicating with CARE, COMPASSION and CONSIDERATION, you will CONNECT at a deeper level, resulting in STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS.

The positive side of CONFRONTATION is….
Consideration Of Necessary Feedback Really Opens New Thinking Allowing Transformation In Our Networking.

Have a WORK-IT-OUT Wednesday, friends!


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