Happy like a dog…

Do You Know Anyone Happier Than a Dog?


Dogs are great teachers. They are here on earth to show us dumber creatures how we can be happy. Dogs have more figured out than us human beings and their tails express their appreciation and gratitude. You can learn a lot about living a happy life from your dog.

Remember good old Charlie Brown’s saying that “Happiness is a warm puppy”? Practice these “Happiness is a warm puppy” rules for being the best you can do to increase the loving in your heart:

Love those who treat you well. Soak up a lot of love in return.

Practice the great art of giving and receiving love.

Hang out with the group that makes you feel good.

Position yourself so that you receive lots of love.

Wag your tail at them a lot to show your people that you like what they do.

Be a dependable friend.

Express how happy you are when your friends treat you well.

Jump up enthusiastically and greet people you like when they come in.

Love little children. Be gentle with little children and other small beings.

Be patient with others even when they bug you. Let them know firmly when you have had enough.

Be loyal and true. Guard those who care for you faithfully.

Stay in your own yard and bark to keep intruders away who might steal your happiness.

Be faithful unto death.

It’s true as Charlie Brown told us years ago. Happiness is a warm puppy!

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