5 Steps to Healing Your Emotions…Without Falling Apart


Every day we’re surrounded by emotions…from other people, the media and even within ourselves. Emotions are a natural part of human life. But if the environment you grew up in was not supportive to your emotions, you may be conditioned to shutting down them down.
And until you get connected again with your heart again through these five steps, you’ll only continue to create more dysfunction in your life.

Many people have shut down their feelings in childhood out of a need to protect themselves.

But putting up a wall to your emotional self today only creates more dysfunction.

To move forward, you need to get in touch with your heart again, because it never left you.

5 steps to get in touch with your emotional self:

  1. Recognize your feelings

    Rather than ignore them, give them some healthy attention. While it may have supported you as a child to protect your emotions, your inner child now wants you to pay attention to the feelings that have been stored up for a long time.

  2. Own your own feelings

    Don’t pass them off on to someone else to deal with. And don’t blame another person for making you “feel” a certain way. They are just mirroring to you what you haven’t dealt with yet.

  3. Connect your feelings to the real issue

    When you’ve shut down your heart toward really feeling things, this may seem hard at first. But be patient with yourself as you connect with your heart. And ask for guidance to see and know the real issues that need healing in your life.

  4. Feel your feelings

    Emotions are a natural part of life. They are the energy of motion. And when your emotions get stuck, you also get stuck. But you keep them in motion by feeling them, validating them and giving them a voice.

  5. Give your emotional self permission to heal

As you open up to your feelings, you are inviting your emotional self to heal. You can also place your hand on your heart while saying these affirmations:

  • I am feeling my emotions.
  • It is safe to express my emotions.
  • It is OK to feel my feelings.

God Bless,
Carol Tuttle

For more emotional healing tools to help guide you, visit the Carol Tuttle Healing Center.


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