The Paradox of Surrender


by Peter Mis

The plan is simple. Just admit that you’re stuck, out of any of your own options, and that you’re willing to concede the overall guidance of your life to someone else.

But, wait. This is America. Who stands up and professes their own inability to navigate the waters of their own life? Isn’t stuff like this frowned upon in our culture?

Any quest toward personal spiritual growth inevitably encounters the concept of surrender, when you “let go and let God”, when you realign yourself with your Source and actively trust the Divine Guidance to light your way. For some, letting go is a conscious rational choice. For me, I went kicking and screaming. Surrender was the only option when I ran out of options of my own. It’s never a proud moment when life brings you to your knees. Sometimes, though, the view from your knees provides the life-changing perspective allowing you to see what you need to see.

ROAD TO FREEDOM Surrender has an image issue. It sounds like you’re a quitter waving a white flag. It sounds like you’re giving up. And in some ways, yes, you are giving up. Giving up the thinking that got you to where you no longer want to be. But that’s why surrender is so powerful. Maybe we do have to overcome the ego-driven image of defeat before we allow our resistance to be finally broken, where we can silently acknowledge there really are no other options, before we are willing to consider a more spiritual path to our own personal freedom.

The paradox of surrender is we are strongest when we can acknowledge we are at our weakest. Humbling to possess such clarity at a time of such uncertainty, yet equally as empowering knowing we are standing on the threshold of our own spiritual pilgrimage back home.

Surrender is the first step towards our realignment with our highest self. Once the resistance is broken we are able to reconstruct ourselves in the image of our Creator. The dust and rubble of what used to be finally swept away, the promise of what could be now free to grow in its place.

So, what’s holding you back from becoming all you were created to be?

There has never been a more important time than now to grow into all you were created to become.

It’s a great day to be you!


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