ONE is the smallest whole number, yet the most significant.

We often think of the big numbers; hundreds, thousands, and millions. Life really boils down to ONE.
One aspect of ONE, I am divinely commanded to help at least ONE person, each day.

That does two things.

First, it helps the other person. Whether it is just a
compliment, a dollar given to a homeless person, or even
something so small as holding the door open for someone, it is help. It helps ease the burden of life for someone.

Second, it makes me focus on someone other than myself. This world is geared to make us self-centered.
After all, we have enough stuff of our own to deal with without trying to solve someone else’s problems.
We don’t have enough money for us so we focus on the two outside letters of "money" instead on the three inside letters.

We don’t have enough time for us.
We don’t have enough joy, peace, and happiness for us.
We need our relationships improved.
We need a compliment and an uplift.
We need help.
We often don’t have time to think of helping someone else.

There is a funny thing about helping some"one" else.
When you are helping someone else, for that moment in time, your own problems are diminished.
I will tell you to do as I try to do,
"Help someone every day."

If you don’t have anything to give them or to spare,
give them this.

Give them MountainWings.
Suppose you asked, or emailed, or called ONE person and got them to join MountainWings?

It won’t cost you one penny.
It will only take a few minutes, probably less than three.
During those three minutes, your problems will diminish.
Maybe you will have to call three people to get ONE to join.

That’s nine minutes.

As I write this, I think to myself, "When was the last time
I personally got anyone to join MountainWings?"

It has been so long, I can’t remember. I meet a lot of people.

Most of them need help in one form or another.
Most of them would be greatly helped by MountainWings.
Today, I will get at least ONE. I will help at least ONE.
Will it change the world if you get ONE person to join?
It will change THAT person’s world.

Everyday. What a gift!

Jesus said, "I tell you there is more joy in heaven over ONE sinner who changes his heart and life, than over ninety-nine good people who don’t need to change." (Luke 15:7 NCV)
Help ONE person today.
~A MountainWings Original~
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