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April 2, 2013

What is a habit?


It is something we do without thinking about it.

Habits are done through repetition.

40% of everything we do is out of habit.

Our behavior follows our thoughts.

Habits affect us physically, socially, financially, mentally & spiritually.

Bad habits are your enemy.

They keep you from being the best person you can be.

They are the thief that steals from us what God wants us to have.

1 Peter 5:8

The Voice (VOICE)

Humility is rarely a virtue that our culture values. We’re trained from an early age to show our strengths and hide our weaknesses. This type of thinking also spills over into our models of leadership, as we learn to dictate to others how they should perform. Peter, however, says that we should be humble in our relationships with one another and not lead as dictators. In fact, this humility before one another and God is actually the position of the greatest strength. Our enemy desires to consume us, but we find strength to resist him when we are dependent upon God for His strength.

8 Most importantly, be disciplined and stay on guard. Your enemy the devil is prowling around outside like a roaring lion, just waiting and hoping for the chance to devour someone.

You cheat yourself & others when you do not follow God’s ways.

Discipline is our friend.

His ways are the fruit of the spirit.

When you feel emotions rising, have thoughts racing & your heart pounding, check yourself…

Start being your own soul detective.

Work through it, find the source & exercise it through the truths of the fruit of the spirit.

You can catch disease but you can’t catch health.

Focus on the good not the bad.

Don’t fight with your bad habits, overcome them with good ones!



Have a Blessed Day! 
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