The More You Know the More You Hurt

You have heard the saying no pain, no gain.  Bitter sweet statement with deep truths.  God gives us what we need to grow through it.  Even though at times you feel like saying this is too much.  The Truth is the more you know the more it hurts…God says this to shall pass and I give you want you need indeed.  As we continue pushing through the pain we will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Ecclezasties1:16  I mused over it all and thought to myself, “I have done great things, and I have gained more wisdom than anyone who reigned over Jerusalem before me. I have contemplated great wisdom and knowledge.” 17 I decided to study wisdom and instead acquainted myself with madness and folly. It, too, seemed like trying to pursue the wind, 18 for as my wisdom increased, so did my vexation. As my knowledge grew, so did my pain.



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