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August 18, 2014

Freedom & Control Over Our Life


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     The day all excuses and all explaining stop.  The day we stop living our life making decisions based on "what others may think".  The day we cut out all "defensive talk" and "guilt". The day we start answering to ourselves and to God – if He’s part of our life……that’s the day we gain freedom and control.

     When someone comes to this point in their life, a real sense of peace takes over. However, there is a price to pay:  everyone may not like what we say or do.  You may not please everyone all the time.  They may talk about you.  It’s no longer my goal to please other people all the time.

     When done with honesty, integrity, consistency and within our core beliefs, what we say becomes more real than just telling others what they want to hear.  They will come to respect our honesty.  The trick is doing this without hurting others and trying to avoid conflict, if at all possible.

     Arriving at this point in our life is wonderful.  –RL

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