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January 14, 2013

Be Confident


December 17, 2012

Be uncomfortable

Display Christ in your life :

IF it makes you uncomfortable to hold your tongue when someone does you wrong, when you want to lash on them with your mouth….BE UNCOMFORTABLE!

Love anyway….

1 Peter 2:23 When He was reviled and insulted, He did not revile or offer insult in return; [when] He was abused and suffered, He made no threats [of vengeance]; but he trusted [Himself and everything] to Him Who judges fairly.

To revile : To speak to abusively – to put down, to berate, to scold harshly, to insult, rudeness, attack.

1 Peter 3:9
Never return evil for evil or insult for insult (scolding, tongue-lashing, berating), but on the contrary blessing [praying for their welfare, happiness, and protection, and truly pitying and loving them]. For know that to this you have been called, that you may yourselves inherit a blessing [from God—that you may obtain a blessing as heirs, bringing welfare and happiness and protection].

July 25, 2012

BE……. respectful


yeah … nuff said!~



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