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July 21, 2012





Help us to remember that you

are in us and gave us gifts, talents, and things we can use to bless others with.

Help us to have the courage to

share those things with

others. Let us not hold back or

keep the good things we think

of to do for others from them.

Let us overflow the goodness

you have given to us into the

lives of those around us.

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July 19, 2012





Help us to major on those

things that bring us joy.

Help us to enjoy the laughter

we hear from our children.

Holy Spirit, remind

us to say the kind things we

think about others, for that 

also brings joy to others.


Let us remember

that what we give, we get.


Give much joy!!

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July 17, 2012




Lord ,

Sometimes we act like

life is a game. We let

craziness come out of

our mouths like gossip

and hateful words.

Help us to have self-

control through your

Spirit. May we give

Him control over our

mouths and choose to

close it when we are

about to create chaos

in our lives.

July 16, 2012




You never give up on

us.That isn’t so easy

for us, when people

hurt us, at times we

just want to walk




Help us to hang in

there like you hung in

there for us, even going to the

cross and laying down

Your life. Let us give

of ourselves to

endure for the good of


July 14, 2012




even when

we choose wrong

and we would deserve

your anger, let us see

how you are gentle

with us. Help us to 

turn toward you when

we mess up.

July 13, 2012

Oh how you ….LOVE!

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God, help us to see

how You Love us

and let us Love like


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