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Monday Motto: To the best of your ability…some things you do simply give you joy. They are creative and inspiring. Those things are your ABILITY….
Monday Motto: Avoid and become annoyed.…So, if what I am thinking & feeling is never revealed by me to anyone it is a temporary inward solution and a continuous problem. That was a big wake up call for me! Sounds to me like Helen Keller is right. In the long run…it is a lot more work and stress to think I have it concealed within me….
Monday Motto: BE PART…I think we all look at things in our own narrow view point that we can not see how to get from here to there. What if when we wanted to break a habit or create within ourselves a new way to do things we thought of it as ART, a masterpiece in the working.
MONDAY MOTTO: HURT… We sometimes don’t realize the impact words have on other people.  Even if it is small words.  The smallest smirk, comment, someone’s body language & tone. Do make an impact on our/their emotions, thoughts, actions, words & yes even our character.  I have realized even more so yesterday that I allow people to cross the line and leave me feeling jaded emotionally sometimes even for a couple of days….
Monday Motto: Detaching with Love…Sometimes people we love do things we don’t like or approve of. We react. They react. Before long, we’re all reacting to each other, and the problem escalates…

Monday Motto : BE SURRENDERED…she pointed out ever HUFFY PUFFY, GRRRRRRRRR!!, What the? , DID you SEE that? and OH COME ON!!!!!!!!!! that I made while driving. I began to take a look at myself more closely. I had a complaint OFTEN on my lips. I immediately went to work of CONTROLLING MYSELF. Yeah……….:0/ that didn’t work so well. What I got was a deep brooding anger growing because now I was suppressing my anger

Monday Motto – Be Nice!…This verse is the prototype of BEING A NICE PERSON. Some think that being a nice person means you give yourself away. You say yes to everything. How often do you hear “well I didn’t want to be rude!!”
Well if LOVE is being nice then Love means not giving in to things that are trying to manipulate you….
Monday Motto – Be of One Mind…YOUR INTERESTS ARE DIVIDED!! …because you will be concerned about things surrounding your husband/wife. When I thought about this I was immediately swept up into my imagination and seeing how when you are JUST you and your following after the Lord things are pretty simple. BUT when you are married —  you are no longer two but one — sounds like two minds in one body to me.. Basically if you and your husband are not on ” the same page” so to speak then you are double minded couple….
Monday Motto – Please God…SIT DOWN, HAVE A FEW CHOICE WORDS TO SAY, COMPLAIN, AND SNAP BACK for the injustice of it all.  Working with your hands requires you to GET UP and DO SOMETHING  — Put your energy into positive things. To bless means that you have to let a lot just ROLL OFF…
Monday Motto – Have Faith…It is not easy for us to let go of our need for controls, to know, to have it all figured out, and yet God knows that to listen to Him will bring us many things…maybe joy ….maybe persecution……maybe ridicule…….maybe success …maybe…maybe…maybe…..
Monday Motto – Be Realistic and Honest…. being compassionate or having kindly forbearance toward an offender or an enemy — I personally would like to show them the letter of the law. I don’t have natural mercy for offenders….but if I find others are unkind to someone and my feelings become affected I want to defend them –i don’t know if that is mercy or not…???
Motto Monday – Stay Connected…Considering the fact that I am the type of person who is melancholy and a bit on the introverted side, I am one who willfully separates when I am hurt, angry, or upset in anyway. I have a habit of auto-isolation…
Monday Motto – Be Present…My problem is that I tend to CHECK OUT when these things happen. So much to the point that days go by and I have fully ordered my world, gone into full introvert mode, buckled down any emotional stray in my mind and imagine myself right into I AM FINE AND LIFE IS GOOD!!!  can anyone say : DENIAL!!!!…
Monday Motto: Read Between The Lines…Ever feel like you may be missing something?  The same thing happening over and over again?  I have been dealing with just that over and over again and keep wondering why does it have to be like this?  Coming back to the same conclusion time and time again.  Ding Dong!  Mountain experience, again!  You know just like the Israelites round and round the mountain they went…   I have to make myself stop and focus on purpose. 
Monday Motto -combo mottoRise above the mess and be blessed! -Tina…Ever feel disappointed because of the integrity that may be missing in some of your relationships? …

Don’t Flatter -Starla…I have often thought of flattering as just saying nice things that you don’t really mean by insincere praise or attention ….but what if flattering is also not speaking the truth in the moment…

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