March 5, 2014

Wake up#5


Don’t get stuck in negative thinking!

Sometimes we don’t think about what we are thinking about and we end up spinning our wheels, throwing mud all over ourselves and everyone else.

What you cant control – let go~!

What you can control – move forward and THRU!

March 4, 2014

Wake up#4


Sometime we do not do the things was passionate because of fear. If we can wake up to what is driving that fear. Dig into it a bit. We may see we are reacting in the now to a thing that happened in the past. Let’s wake up to the ways fear is trying to stop us and brave on instead.

March 3, 2014

Wake up #3


Get off the surface and dig down into what is happening…its amazing what we see and hear and learn what we really take time to think about what we are thinking about.

February 28, 2014



If you see a need…Fill the need.

The world would just be a better place if we all did that!

February 28, 2014




Are you tired of all the Keep Calm & Carry On messages? I know here at Drive Thru we would live to add our own spin on this redundant message and change it up a bit. :0) We believe waking up would be real good in a world lulled to sleep. Calmness comes when we trust in Christ. But we have to WAKE UP and do what He asks of us. 

January 1, 2014

Albert Einstein on the Church

Being a lover of freedom, when the revolution came in
Germany, I looked to the universities to defend it,
knowing that they had always boasted of their devotion
to the cause of truth; but, no, the universities
immediately were silenced. Then I looked to the great
editors of the newspapers whose flaming editorials in
days gone by had proclaimed their love of freedom; but
they, like the universities, were silenced in a few
short weeks….
Only the Church stood squarely across the path of
Hitler’s campaign for suppressing truth. I never had
any special interest in the Church before, but now I
feel a great affection and admiration because the
Church alone has had the courage and persistence to
stand for intellectual truth and moral freedom. I am
forced thus to confess that what I once despised I now
praise unreservedly.
  — Time magazine, 23 December 1940, page 38.

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