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June 15, 2012

Friday Fun Facts – Fav’s

 Pictures I like-002




1 cup of this in the “ OH MAN , I LEFT THE LAUNDRY IN THE WASHER AGAIN and it has a musty smell!” moment. I did this ran a rinse cycle & the 1 cup and it still had a little smell (I thought CRAP – FAIL!!) but I had already washed it a second time…so I dried it.  When it was all dry…NO SMELL only the fabric softener I love to smell was there!! WOOT!! ( EPIC SUCCESS) Thumbs up



Over at my other blog Stars Rain I am starting a series called THE TREE MAN’S SHOW AND TELL. My Husband is the tree man who brings interesting things home here and there. Well THIS THING that he brought home prompted me to start the series – I NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT!! Ewwwww!



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3. Something Good:


FINALLY CLEANED OFF THE FRONT PORCH!! yeah!!!!!! No seriously this is a big deal. There was this grim that was on the siding here on the porch since the flood of 2008. I found something that worked to get it off!! GREASED LIGHTNING!

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4. A SONG:

Your all I need!!


5. Beauty coming out of the Garden:



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6. A sneaky self portrait:


Look what I found on my camera….lol  SO CUTE HE IS!


7. Tidbits Mrs. 4444 style:

* Made a big dent in the big upstairs hallway closet…still much more to go.

* Got the daughters closet and room decluttered… whoa piles and piles !! 6 Wal-Mart sacks of garbage, 4 bags of clothes for giving to a family with littler girlies, and two boxes for donation..HURRAY!!!

* Been holding in some emotional stuff..not good! Time for some emo-dealing.

* Did you know I like poetry so much I write it … I have another blog..yeah that’s 3

* I need a couple plants for that barren white porch…maybe Hy-Vee is still having their 50 % off garden area sale..HMMM?? I will let ya know! Smile with tongue out


8. Favorite WFW:



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9.  I said I would let you know:

Ok it was NOT 50% but it was 20% so I got a few and re-potted. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!





I really appreciate all those who stop and check out these Friday Facts. I love your comments. I often wonder if you listen to the songs…do you like them? curious I am.




April 27, 2012

Friday (Fun) Facts

Pictures I like-002




1. A song

( you don’t want to miss it)




I just got another one of these shoulder bags for my G-ma,  they are great for sore tense muscles in the shoulders. I have used mine to keep me warm in winter (just sitting in my chair when movie night is every night cause I’m not an outside person ..LOL) – I use it to warm my feet, lower back pain, for cramps. Tawnya is a friend! 


3. Something New:

UP THERE at the top we have a new tab for our Truth Quotes and Photo Quotes.

They will all be there at the link on that page …check it out! Rolling on the floor laughing


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4. Something Funny!:

Pinned Image



5.  Picture of the week:

Little man had a fever and didn’t feel very good …with accompanying cough (no other symptoms) strange!



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6. Something Tina

shared with me:


Isn’t that the Truth!


7. Something you

might not know:

WHO IS TINA?? She is the other author on this blog!! :0)


8.Ok another song because this one is like so awesome I love it! :


9. Question:

do you listen to the songs …they are their to provoke worship …test them out! Some you may like , some you may not due to not your style of music ..and that is ok!!

Check them..never know till you try Winking smile


10.  Do you have a question you would like to ask us??



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