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April 20, 2012

Friday Fun Facts


Pictures I like-002


1. A song: (its not what you think)

2. Something We Like:

Last Monday Tina and I got TABLETS … the Archos went on a mean sale for 199.00 so we jumped …we been looking at tablets for MONTHS!!!!!







4. Something Funny:

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5. Picture of the week :

photo (2)

My Sarah and one of Tina’s Danes ( She has two)

This is Chief!


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6. Love this:

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Brene Brown :

7. A quote:

“What makes you vulnerable

makes you beautiful.”

-Brené Brown


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8. Something on my heart:

This is week has been so so so BUSY!! I have not had a week like this in a long time. IT has been good but packed…I think a SOUL OASIS sounds good right about now. –I’m thinking a long HOT BATH.

There must be quite a few things a hot bath wont cure, but I don’t know many of them. – Sylvia Plath 



Visited with 3 friends, worship practice, fixed a Wi-Fi problem, fixed a printer scanning problem, set up 3 tablets, visited with my grandma, put together the worship books, got photo’s from two people from the dodge ball youth competition last weekend to another person for video making…..and oh man many many many other things… lets just say I am the TASK QUEEN. LOL


10. Something Cool:

I found an awesome APP for drawing and coloring ! I will share when I show you what I am creating….FEEL THE SUSPENSE! lol



Friendships of Love

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