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May 18, 2012

Friday (Fun) Facts

Pictures I like-002



1. A Song:

2. PhotoQuote:

Pinned Image


3.  A quote:

We are all shards in a mosaic of Grace.

-Ann Voskamp

4.  A Post:

I wrote a post about the Little Things that don’t get posted on Facebook or made into a post. Check it out!


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friday favorite things | finding joy


5.  Picture of the Week:

Tina and her husband Rick on Mother’s day


6.  Something Funny:


LOL- that funny!


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Mommy's Idea


7. Over the years I have made a TON of photo quotes :


8. Around here:

Daughter is off on a 3 day trip with her class..she called last night. She bought some shoes Thumbs up What a girl!!! Rolling on the floor laughing


9.  Another Song ..just in case you didn’t hear it last week:



I guess this week is focused on Photo’s  and Quotes…but hey cant get much better than those!! Open-mouthed smile




May 11, 2012

Friday (Fun) Facts

Pictures I like-002



1.  A Song:


2.  A Quote:

Courage is resistance to fear,

mastery of fear – not absence

of fear.”

Mark Twain


3.  A photo quote:



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friday favorite things | finding joy


4. Picture of the week:


A beauty in the middle of the yard!


5. Something Funny and Cute:

thats just funny! gboikster


6. Something Going On:

Daughter is Running on Saturday in Lace up for Learning 5K  — awesome!

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Mommy's Idea


7. A Great Quote:

Love is being a mirror for our children. It is showing them they are valuable, and irreplaceable, and beautiful, when they can’t see it for themselves.

Emily Theresa Wierenga @ Imperfect Prose 


8.  Just because the Avengers Movie came out:

Pictures I like9

LOL – He loves Super Hero’s!!


9.  Ok so this week I will show how she has grown:

IMG_20120503_142625 (2)

10. What else … hmmm OH a good book I am reading:


Heaven is now



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