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April 13, 2012

A Song on the Way to School

After I dropped my son off at school this morning a song was playing on the radio & I started to ponder what the words were saying.  Struck me as truth & eye opening as well.  Thinking about when someone has a health issue or you hear of someone you know is dying, that is when we start thinking the way we really should have been daily, anyway.  Those agonizing thoughts like : I should have called them more.  I could have been more understanding & loving towards them. Hind sight comes usually along with some sort of pain.  Then that made me think of Christ.  Isn’t that the same thing again in a sense?  I think so.  He was what we think we ought to be, after the fact.  He was that way always.  He lived regret free. When you think of Christ do you think he was open to be vulnerable?  When I think of the horrible death He endured it makes me think He was, along with many other things…  What those people must have been thinking at the time of His crucifixion… I couldn’t even begin to imagine that.  We are at the other end of it; hindsight.  The many blessing that came with the New Testament!

What comes before high sight?  Vulnerability? 

When we struggle, we then hunger to do what is right, if our heart is right. What surfaces out of us in the time of our personal struggles, whatever that may be, is our heart revealed in that moment.  I have noticed that I can become more patient & willing to listen in those moments for sure.  Otherwise, I am in the rat race of life.  Busy doing instead of really living.  Vulnerability slows us down enough to makes us think.  That sounds very healthy to me.  I don’t believe I would have said that in the past. I have always thought that if I show no tears & that I was bullet proof then that was the best solution & a true sign of strength.  After really thinking about the word “vulnerability” I have had a change of heart that is still a work in progress.  I am starting to see that true strength is allowing myself not only to be vulnerable but true to my self and my God that created me to be that way.

When we are down, that is our time to learn a lesson and if it may be someone else that is down, it may be a lesson for them as well as us.  Vulnerability makes a difference!

God Bless Your Day Abundantly!

TiNa                                       The song that started the train of thought this morning.

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