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June 26, 2012

what’s it to ya?

1 Peter 2:16

Live as free people, but don’t hide behind your freedom when you do evil. Instead, use your freedom to serve God.

This verse came to mind when I was talking over the subject of loving others with Tina…

oh how selfish we can be sometimes!( how I can be sometimes!)

We were given our freedom so that we can give and love others , not to use that freedom as a license to not give a crap about what other people think or feel. (ever been there??…yeah me too! )

When we decide that what we do , like, and want is more important than if our actions, words and deeds affect others we have moved into a bad place. ( ok seriously I wrote this a week before I had my own I don’t give a crap moment..Disappointed smile)

We begin walking down a road that others likes and dislikes are not to be a consideration to us. It feels like entitlement brat syndrome to me. ( yeah…I was being a brat.. I wanted it to go the way I wanted it to go and NOW! )

It really just boils down to respect!

If you know someone doesn’t eat pork than why would you serve it to them?

If you know someone is trying to quit smoking why would you lite up in front of them like it is no biggy!

Do you think to yourself …what’s it to ya? I can do whatever I want.

Do you think that this is rude behavior?

Probably not since in this generation we think what we do or don’t do is none of other’s business.

I think we should think about that!

When we are so self-serving we will have to walk alone and our strength fails us because we are only strong when we are humbly obedient to Christ and loving to others in our community, homes, churches and lives.

Respect takes on a whole new meaning when you learn to be respectful of others and not just demand a respect of your right .  ( man this is whoopin me! )

WRONG thinking! <— yeah I was there!

Don’t we know respect will just naturally flow when we offer it willingly!

Romans 12:3

For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.


Do you believe what you reap is what you will sow?  (  oh I reaped all right!! )

True strength rises up in us when we can let go of our needed to have our own way. We have the right to do what we like but when it comes to other people they will see love by how you care about how you affect them.  

( I was way more concerned about how another was affecting me so I was going to affect them!! <– great attitude I know  I am still sorting out the details of that mess in my own head.. the lies within my own thinking and the deep need to control…I got issues to deal with… but one positive is eventually humility gripped me and drove me right to my knees! )


October 14, 2011

Foundation Relationships



This is the most important relationship that there is!

It is also the most easy to let slip.

I have been exploring what this relationship is suppose to look like. For years I understood that prayer, bible reading, study, and quietness all come into play with this relationship. But I began to noticed that this relationship was weaving through everything and not just those things I listed. I am a word person. I love to write and writing is a huge part for me to see how God speaks to me. I have been writing in a journal for years and began to see words repeat and started to notice when He was trying to tell me something. I called them theme words in my journals. These where often related to things I was struggling with or something I needed to watch for because they were things that would easily trip me. God was teaching me though my writing.

He created us unique and intelligent. He created us for communication, for intimacy, for companionship. So, you need to have some understanding about how you communicate to understand how he speaks to you. That is where relationship with yourself comes in….



Knowing what you like and dislike are important. Knowing what drains your energy and what invigorates you is also key to living well. Understanding how you communicate, how you interpret the world, what is important to you, what your strengths and talents are…and yes you must also know your weaknesses and your triggers for less than best behavior. When you have a grasp on these things through knowledge of yourself, you begin to see how God created you to hear Him. Suddenly ears and eyes are opening and God is speaking everywhere. Its an amazing journey. Taking personality tests are a fun way to find out some basics. Some of us can be so bogged down by the people and the world around us we don’t know what we want, like, feel or think. We are so double-mind sometimes…don’t fret. Begin to discover your TRUTHS. Take a soul oasis…relax with yourself and enjoy the view. Observe what you are like and how others react to you. Ask a trusted friend what they see in you.

See what’s there within…. unfold and unpack your selfness.




And just like learning about who you are and how you communicate. It is equally important to learn about the people around you. It makes no sense to expect people to think and act and be just like you. It makes no sense to expect that they should conform to you. You must learn about others. Be proactive and become a knower of others. Communicate to them in the way in which they understand.

For example, have you ever had someone come to you to tell you about something and they start giving you every single detail and you feel like you are in a drum of a washer being emotionally spun out. That is because you could be a very direct person who does not need all the details, you get the situation loud and clear with the summed up version.

Or how about when someone comes up to you and they say something very directly with little detail and they walk away. Do you feel like you have just been daggered in the chest and you’re wondering if they are mad at you. That is because you could be someone who is tenderhearted, softer shelled and needs clear details to understand fully.

There is nothing wrong with either way.

Yet we often do not think about who the other person is that we are speaking to, we just know we have something to say and we say it.

When we do this we often leave a trail of miscommunications.

So do yourself a favor cultivate these three relationships….it will be worth it!!

~ Friendships of Love

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