Friday Fun Facts – Fav’s

Pictures I like-002

1. A song:

I heard this song while driving home from my visit to my sisters….SUCH POWER!!

2. A Simple Recipe:

Cottage Cheese








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friday favorite things | finding joy


3. Something worth checking out:


Emily is an amazing writer…her blog posts are always touching to me .


4. Favorite WFW:

I love the visual here… LIGHT in a dark place SHINES EVERYTIME!

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Mommy's Idea




(click picture  to enlarge)

6. A Quote:

Child abuse is the REAL root of all problems.


I am inclined to think so…what we were subject to, we either repeat or swing so far the other way that we parent out of balance.


7. A photo collage:

We were out in my sisters yard at the fire pit making smores…and this is what little mister thought to do.


(click picture to enlarge) the looks on their faces in that last bottom right shot are so

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miscellany monday at lowercase letters

8. A song:

beautiful on so many levels

9.  A Photo Quote:





LOL Carrot Foot! I would never eat this carrot..thats just plain nasty. #gardening #funnypics #funny


11. Tidbits:

*Last week I skipped Friday Facts (anyone miss me? Winking smile)

* I was visiting my sister in another state, hanging by her pool in the sunshine, getting more tan than I am!

* Yesterday a half of a bottle of Windex spilled out on to the floor mat of my car…ROOLLLL THE WINDOWS DOWN!! Terrible!

* Does anyone else have a friend they like talking to so much that you will go to a meeting at 6:30 and be done with that by 8 and you end up standing in the parking lot until 10:15 just having a grand ol’ conversation. <—that’s me and Tina! lol (last night)

* Got home from vaca and cleaned an upstairs closet out in my sons room that use to be my he HAS a closet! WOOT!!



HAPPY FRIDAY!!!Open-mouthed smile


7 Comments to “Friday Fun Facts – Fav’s”

  1. I really like the way you put together your Friday blog posts.

  2. Yes, of course you were missed last week! Glad you had a good trip and glad to see you are back 😉

  3. Is that a carrot foot? Funny

  4. My daughter could really use that book; I added it to my Amazon Wishlist! Thanks. [But I do hope she uses capitalization in that book—I can’t appreciate that kind of writing (I guess it’s the teacher in me! :)]

    That recipe looks really, really good!

    Thanks for linking up. Have a great weekend…

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